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Top 5 Rev Share Programs hey.

Ugo here.

As you know I maintain a list of the Top 5 rev shares in the industry today.

The list of top 5 rev shares to get into right now in Summer 2020 as it stands right now in no particular order are:

-PGI Global Praetorian Group International CEO RV Palafox - up to 3%daily

-MTI Mirror Trading International CEO Johann Steynberg up to 0.78% daily

-CFX Cash Forex Group CEO Huascar Lopez - 200%

-Passive Expert CEO Lee Merritt - up to 0.7% daily

-Kangot CEO Roberto Gonzalez - 300%

I am active in all of these.

Average contribution is 700 in each

It has taken 373 video updates and reviews to track and monitor and select the top 5.

You may search Top5RevShare on YouTube to see my 373 video rev share YouTube video review channel.

All of these top 5 programs have a visible CEO

All have  transparency

All have been tested with deposits and withdraws - see my YouTube channel for proof

All have regular reliable withdrawable profits

These are just a few of the criteria that goes into entering my Top 5 list.

So here's what you need to do now:

Go to my website now (Top5RevShare dotcom) and click on PROGRAMS at the top to see the  list.

You will see the link to join each of these top 5 programs so join each of these top 5 programs.

Get active in each of them.

That means Click the links to join and make a contribution.

Send me a note once you're up.

Let's work together

Be the best.


Be Unstoppable


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